Denbighshire & Flintshire farmers urge politicians - delay Sustainable Farming and our Land consultation deadline

Farmers from Denbighshire and Flintshire have raised concerns about the timing of the Sustainable Farming and our Land consultation with politicians, including Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths, at the local county show (Thursday 15 August).

FUW Denbigh and Flint CEO Mari Dafydd Jones highlighted that the Farmers’ Union of Wales has raised concerns since early July regarding the clash between the response deadline (30 October) and the date on which the UK is due to leave the EU (31 October). 

She said: “The FUW has welcomed a Welsh Government commitment to keep the deadline under review, however, given the UK Government’s determination to take the UK out of the EU at the end of October, deal or no deal, our members now believe it is imperative that the deadline be extended.”

Speaking at the show after a meeting with Mrs Griffiths, FUW Denbighshire county chairman Dylan Roberts said: "Members here in Denbighshire share the Welsh Government's concerns regarding the impacts of a no-deal Brexit and welcome the commitment to supporting agriculture.

"But in terms of the Sustainable Farming and our Land consultation, we have major concerns because the clash between the 30th October deadline and the date on which we are due to leave the EU, is going to distract farmers across the country. Their focus will not be on this important consultation document.”

Melvyn Vaughan, FUW Flintshire county chairman, added: "We are concerned about the collapse in export markets, drug shortages, and the impacts for Welsh ports in a no-deal scenario and that means there is a real likelihood that as 31st October approaches, the attention of our members, who would normally be considering the Sustainable Farming and our Land proposals, will be on their own farm businesses as they’re  contingency planning.

"Because we want to give the consultation paper the attention it truly deserves a delay of the deadline by a number of months would be really welcome."