FUW Ceredigion AGM puts Mental Health and Farming Matters on the agenda

The Ceredigion branch of the Farmers’ Union of Wales is putting mental health and farming matters firmly on the agenda at the up-coming Annual General meeting.

The event, which is held on Tuesday 9 July at 7.30pm at the Moody Cow, Llwyncelyn, will hear from DPJ Foundation founder Emma Picton-Jones and give members the opportunity to discuss the most critical farming issues in an informal setting.

FUW Ceredigion County Executive Officer Emma Davies said: “Mental health is something we care about greatly and Emma Picton-Jones will no doubt shed plenty of light on what can be done at farm level, as well as offer some guidance on what to do if a family member or friend is going through a tough time.

“Mental health is less of a stigma nowadays than it once was in farming and people are beginning to realise that bottling up their emotions is the worst thing they can do. But there is still much work to do and I’m hoping many of you will join us at our AGM to talk about farming matters and mental health.”