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Right, a little quiz for you this month… a bit of fun and a history lesson in the process!

Who knows what these signs are?

In his column last month, our managing director, Alan Davies referred to the office reshuffle at Aberystwyth, and when searching for a new home for the Cornel Clecs desk, we found the above, and no-one was sure what their purpose were! But thankfully FUWIS Joint Managing Director, Roger Van Praet has been able to give us some information about them.

The Queen of Routine

By Caryl Roberts, Membership and Operations Manager

sn't it easy to get into a rut? Getting up, shower, working, sleeping. Routine is comfortable and easy, which usually means that you carry out tasks as efficiently as possible within your ability. But, the disadvantage of this ideal little world is no development, no vision and no learning about new new things. We learn from birth right through to the day we die and an opportunity to learn through mistakes, talking, debating, and talking to new people.

So over the last few months I have ventured out into the big wide world to learn and hear more from membership businesses and organisations, to learn more about our current systems and how they could work better for us as a union.

My destination after long train journey from Machynlleth to London was a Zoho conference which is our CRM company (Customer Relationship Management). This is the system that keeps all our members and prospective members details. The system allows us to keep an electronic file of all calls, casework and forms completed for members. This has been a big step forward for us in reducing our use of paper and wasteful printing.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sali Mali! The popular children's character celebrates her 50th birthday on June 19. Gomer Press who owns the copyright of Sail Mali are busy with all sorts of arrangements to celebrate this occasion. The book ‘Dathlu Gyda Sali Mali has already been published and another one’s in the pipeline, a story and picture book, Straeon Nos Da Sali Mali. But I hear you ask, why on earth is Cornel Clecs talking about Sali Mali?! Well, there is one particular reason, which is an agricultural connection.

With the special birthday celebrations looming, Cornel Clecs was given the opportunity to learn more about the history of Pentre Bach, where the television series Pentre Bach was filmed, which starred Sali Mali, thanks to the owners Adrian and Ifana Savill who are FUW members in Ceredigion. Here is Ifana to tell us more:

Cai’s great political opportunity

10 days! It’s March 19 and we’re 10 days away from a significant historical day, March 29 2019 – the day we ‘leave’ the EU.  Who knows what will have happened by the time you read this! Whatever your opinion about the current political situation, it’s good to see that the next generation are keen to be part of the new crop of politicians, thanks to the Welsh Youth Parliament.

The Welsh Youth Parliament is an elected body of young people aged between 11 and 18. Over 460 candidates stood for election and were then chosen by their peers in an online election. Of the sixty members who were elected, forty represent the constituencies of Wales. Twenty more have been elected from partner organisations to reflect the make-up of Wales and to ensure the representation of diverse groups of young people.

Interest, passion, determination and enthusiasm

Writing this column makes me realise just how quickly a month goes by! This month has been slightly more unusual though as I lacked some inspiration about the subject of the column.

However, by being part of the union’s Business Conference last month, I gained some inspiration. As staff, our vision is "The Union: United - as One" which ultimately leads to the union's vision of "Creating thriving, sustainable family farms in Wales”. The family farm is at the heart of the FUW and is an important and vital part of our wider communities.

So, the subject of this month’s Cornel Clecs was right under my nose so to speak - the family farm! The official definition of a family farm is: “A farm that is owned and operated by a family, especially one that has been handed down from one generation to another”.


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