Changes to Livestock Identification, Registration and Movement Reporting Consultation

The Welsh Government is consulting on changes to the current registration and movement reporting of sheep, goats, cattle and pigs. Opinions are being gathered on the development of EID Cymru as a multi species traceability system. 

Building on our current sheep, goats and deer movements system, EIDCymru  is the natural choice to accommodate cattle and pig registration and movements in  Wales’

The FUW would like to draw your attention to the proposed changes to cattle movement reporting and the introduction of mandatory use of bovine EID tags from when an implementation date is set. 

‘Electronic Identification of sheep has  been in place since 2010 and implementing bovine EID for cattle alongside electronic  movement reporting will enable greater traceability and business efficiency.’

The consultation is open for responses until the 2nd of January 2022and can be found here:

Local taxes for second homes and self-catering accommodation

The Welsh Government is consulting on the discretionary powers which allows Local Authorities (LAs) to impose a higher rate of council tax on second homes and long-term empty properties.

The consultation also seeks views and evidence on what criteria should be used to define properties such as self-catering accommodation for tax purposes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the issue of the affordability and availability of housing in Wales, particularly for young and local people, and the number of second homes and self-catering holiday accommodation.

“Ensuring that local people can live affordably in the communities in which they grew up, and the health and vitality of Welsh as a thriving community language, are top priorities for the Welsh Government.”

For information, the RWAS 2021 FUW Webinar ‘Tackling the Rural Housing Crisis’ can be viewed here:

The deadline for responses is 17th November 2021 and the consultation can be found here:

NRW’s approach to regulating the shooting and trapping of wild birds and the destruction of eggs and nests

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has launched a consultation to ask for views on the approach to regulating the shooting and trapping of wild birds and the destruction of eggs and nests.

“All wild birds in Wales have legal protection. NRW has a number of powers under which they can authorise others to kill or take particular species of wild birds, eggs and nests for certain purposes, for example in order to prevent serious damage to crops, livestock or fisheries, to protect public health or safety or to conserve other species of wildlife.”

The findings of this consultation will help shape NRW’s future approach.

The FUW would emphasise for farmers responding to this consultation to pay particular attention to the proposals regarding general licences for the control of wild birds.

The consultation is open for responses until 11th November 2021 and can be found here: