Agricultural Policy

RPW farm inspections update

In March, RPW suspended physical farm inspections and introduced an alternative process whereby farmers submitted geo-tagged photographs of completed work alongside documentary evidence.

As restrictions are beginning to be lifted, RPW are now resuming physical farm visits in-line with suitable Covid-19 risk assessments. These visits will be land based and can mostly be carried out without the farmer being present. RPW will ask farmers to submit electronic copies of their records wherever possible and will follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines when hard copies must be checked.
Farmers can submit written notification of any Force Majeure / Exceptional Circumstances event preventing compliance within 15 days of it occurring via RPW Online.

Gwaredu BVD free testing extended

Funding for free testing under Gwaredu BVD has now been extended until March 2021. Funding for Young Stock Screening has been extended from 31st August 2020 to the 31st March 2021, with financial support available to hunt PIs until the end of 2022.

This increased payment rate for fourth tests (i.e for those that have tested every year) will apply retrospectively from April 27th, 2020. Any fourth tests conducted before the extension date (September 1st, 2020) will be honoured and paid as part of the extended programme.

Funding is available for those that have tested already (to continue yearly testing) and for those that have never tested before. We encourage all FUW members to engage as discussions on legislation for BVD continue and it is likely that this will begin in 2021.

Welsh dairy support scheme reminder

This is a reminder that eligible dairy farmers in Wales - who have lost more than 25% of their income in April and subsequently May - are entitled to up to £10,000, to cover 70% of their lost income.

The scheme is open for applications on RPW Online and will close on 14 August 2020. Eligible farmers will need to provide their Milk Statements covering February, April and May 2020 as supporting documentation in order to demonstrate the loss in income.

As an illustrative example, when a single price is paid for all milk volumes, a February 2020 average base price (excluding adjustments) of 26ppl and an April 2020 average base price (excluding adjustments) of 19ppl would calculate a loss in income of 26.9% (26ppl - 19ppl ÷ 26ppl x 100 = 26.9%) which would be eligible for the scheme.

Those members who believe they are eligible for the scheme and wish to receive assistance in completing and submitting their claims should contact their local FUW County Office.


Money and Pensions Service launch new tool to help navigate your finances

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) have launched a new online Money Navigator Tool in Welsh and English to provide individuals and employees with personalised guidance on how to navigate their finances.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on the lives of many in Wales and across the UK. The MaPS recognises that financial well-being can cause significant physical and mental health issues and therefore this tool has been designed to help those deal with the crisis.

This tool is also part of promoting the MaPS UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. The FUW is contributing to this strategy which involves a number of sub-groups that look at each sector - including rurality and mental health - from a financial well-being perspective

More information can be found on the MaPS website here and the Money Navigator can be found here.

FUW guidance on the safe reopening of hospitality businesses

The FUW has prepared a summary of the Welsh Government guidance on the safe reopening of hospitality and tourism businesses in light of the ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures.

The guidance consists of key considerations with regards to managing risk, personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff and how physical distancing can be maintained between staff and visitors.

The summary document, along with a declaration for visitors to complete prior to their visit to your premises, can be requested from your local FUW County office.