NRW guidance for milk disposal

Where farmers are forced to dispose of more milk on fields over the coming weeks or months, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have relaxed elements of the U10 waste exemption. However storage and spreading requirements remain in place and an exemption must still be applied for here.

The standard U10 waste exemption guidance can be found on the NRW website here. The requirements for storage, spreading limits and spreading conditions remain in place. However spreading frequency limits have been relaxed to once every three weeks. In addition to the current waste requirements:

  • This exemption should only be used if no other storage alternatives are available
  • All other land management requirements i.e. through Glastir must be met
  • Do not apply more than 50 metre cubed of slurry or dirty water in a single application
  • Waste milk must be diluted with equal amounts of water or slurry
  • Records of fields, amount of waste applied and date must be kept for two years

Further information on NRW’s approach to covid is available here. Farmers who cannot meet the above requirements can contact NRW by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 03000 65 3000.