Expression of Interest Window Dates

Scheme Summary Window Close
Farming Connect Skills and Training Programme The programme allows anyone registered with Farming Connect to apply for funding of up to 80% towards completing short training courses. The full list of courses available can be viewed here and further information is available here. 28 February 2020
Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being Scheme This scheme offers support to businesses for projects which work towards the Well-being of Future Generations Act.  It works towards the 6 priorities of Rural Development i.e. conserving and enhancing wildlife and biodiversity, therefore activities could include improving and enhancing local environment quality.  Further information regarding the scheme can be found here. 13 March 2020
HCC Hill Ram Scheme The second expression of interest window is now open for HCC’s Hill Ram Scheme.  The scheme offers the chance for Welsh hill farmers to improve performance recording with the use of DNA parentage technology to help improve flock performance.  There are currently 29 flocks across Wales participating in the scheme and HCC is now looking to recruit a further 20 to join the scheme.  Those interested should contact the HCC on 01970 625050.  The EOI form can be found here. 31 March 2020
Farming Connect Agri Academy The application window for the 2020 Agri Academy is now open.  The Academy provides training, mentoring and support in 3 sessions throughout the programme.  There are 2 separate elements, the Business and Innovation Programme, and the Junior Programme.  Follow here and select the programme you are interested in to find out more information, key dates and how to apply. 31 March 2020
Glastir Small Grants Claim Deadline The deadline to claim for Glastir Small Grants work is 31 March 2020.  By this date, all applicants must have completed the practical work, taken geo-tag photos and filled in the claims form.  Boundaries such as hedges and fences must be measures to ensure the claimant does not over-claim. 31 March 2020
Dŵr Cymru Pesticide Scheme Dŵr Cymru will be relaunching their free and confidential Pesticide Disposal Scheme for farmers, growers, gamekeepers, foresters and land managers to safely dispose of any wanted or out of date pesticides and herbicides.  Participants that took part in 2019 can take part again in 2020 and dispose of 30L/Kg of eligible products for free. Register between 1 - 31 March 2020
Farm Business Grant The 7th expression of interest window for the Farm Business Grant opens on 2 March 2020. In order to be eligible, scheme members will have to attend a Farming Connect event - ‘Farming for the Future’, if they have not already attended one in the past:
  • March 3 2020, Glastir, Llanrwst, 7pm
  • March 5 2020, Penglais School, Aberystwyth, 7pm
  • March 10 2020, The Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot, 7pm
Contact Farming Connect to book your place.
10 April 2020
BPS Transfer of Entitlements You can now transfer BPS entitlements through sale, lease or inheritance.  It must be accessed through the RPW online account.  The recipient of entitlements transferred by sale or lease must meet the Active Farmer requirements (see SAF Rules for details). 30 April 2020