News in Brief

i) New UK Wide Disease Group Established

A UK wide group has been established to ‘speed up progress’ on costly endemic livestock diseases. This includes liver fluke, mastitis and lameness.

The new ‘Ruminant Health and Welfare’ group will begin on the 1st of April 2020 and the FUW has a place on the group.

ii) PGI Lamb Exports to the Middle East Sees Major Boost Says HCC

According to HCC, HMRC trade figures for January to October 2019 show an increase of 608 percent in the exports of lamb from the UK to the Middle East compared to the same 10 month period in 2018.

However the sheep meat trade to this region was still only estimated to be worth around £2 million during the 10 month period and the EU therefore remains the staple destination for the majority of Welsh lamb exports.

iii) Welsh Government Supports The Expansion Of KK Fine Foods

The Welsh Government has provided £550,000 via the Welsh Government Economy Futures Fund to aid a £5.5 million expansion of KK Fine Foods which is based in Deeside, North Wales.

KK Fine foods currently employs 525 people and specialises in supplying food produce to the pub and restaurant sectors.