Don’t Become a Farm Fatality Statistic this Year, FUW Urges Farmers

Agriculture is known to be one of the most dangerous professions, which often sees farmers and farm workers working in solitude, challenging weather conditions and in stressful situations.
The figures published in the Health and Safety Executive’s report 'Fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry and fishing in Great Britain 2018/19' show 39 people were killed as a result of farming and other agriculture-related activities during the year. This number is 6 more than last year and 6 more than the 5-year average of 33. Nearly half of the agricultural workers killed were over 60 and transport, such as overturning vehicles or being struck by moving vehicles, caused most deaths.

Together with our partners in the Wales Farm Safety Partnership, the FUW is working on raising awareness and reducing the risk of harm faced by those in the industry. The aim for the first 3 months this year is to bring better awareness of transport and machinery incidents. Here are the key points of advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for ATVs:

  • Carry out safety checks and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, e.g. regularly check tyre pressures, brakes and throttle;
  • Secure loads on racks and make sure they are not overloaded and evenly balanced;
  • Always read and follow the owner’s manual;
  • Stick to planned routes, where possible, and walk new routes if necessary to check for hidden obstructions, hollows or other hazards;
  • Take extra care with trailed or mounted equipment and understand how they affect stability;
  • Make sure all riders receive adequate training.

And remember, always wear a suitable helmet! For more information and advice, please click here.