Consultations Pending

i) Welsh Government Clean Air Plan For Wales

The aim of the Clean Air Plan for Wales is to improve air quality and in doing so reduce the burden of poor air quality on human health, biodiversity and the natural environment in Wales - alongside the Prosperity For All National Strategy and commitments to reduce emissions.

The plan outlines how air quality policy is interlinked with other Welsh Government policies i.e. Sustainable development, Well-Being of Future Generations and Environment Acts, Decarbonisation.

The plan uses themes to address areas of impact where future action is required. These themes include improving air quality to:

  • Protect the health and well-being of current and future generations
  • Support our natural environment, ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Support a prosperous Wales
  • Support a sustainable place

Please follow click here for the consultation document. Deadline for responses is 10 March 2020.


ii) Welsh Government Changes to Planning and Related Applications Fees

This Welsh Government consultation proposes to retain the current planning fee structure as set out in the 2015 regulations in the short-term and increase all planning fees by around 20%. In addition, to support Local Planning Authorities when determining applications for certificates of appropriate alternative development, they propose to introduce a fee of £230 per application.

In the longer term, Welsh Government aim to consider whether there is a need to reform the method of charging planning fees for supporting the cost recovery process.

Please follow click here for the consultation document. Deadline for responses is 13 March 2020.