What YOU Need to Know About Sheep Dipping

With an increase in queries regarding sheep dip disposal permits for carrying out sheep dipping to control sheep scab, here is a summary of the relevant rules, best practice and processes that must be considered.

Sheep dip: groundwater protection code
The Code of Practice for sheep dip groundwater protection is available here.  By following the guidance, you are able to demonstrate that you have taken steps towards avoiding pollution and are complying with the legal requirements of the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2016.  You must also follow applicable guidance and laws such as the Health and Safety regulations when it comes to the use and storage of sheep dip.


Get a certificate of competency
You must obtain a certificate of competency in order to buy sheep dip or carry out dipping.  You will be required to complete a computer-based test and an optional practical test.

Those who dip sheep without a certificate of competency could be imprisoned and fined up to £5,000.  Individuals without certification can assist others that are certified, but they cannot undertake the dipping by themselves or buy the dip.

Get an environmental permit
If you are planning to discharge used sheep dip on the ground, through for example landspreading, you must also apply for an environmental permit.  The cost of the application for discharging less than 10m3 per year is currently £390 with an annual subsistence charge of £153.90 per year.

It can take up to 4 months to obtain your permit.  If you then intend to treat organophosphate dip with a degrading enzyme, a waste exemption T27 is required in addition to the environmental permit.
In order to apply for an environmental permit for discharging used sheep dip, there are 4 forms that must be completed.  These are available on the NRW website here.

The forms required are A, B2, B7 & F1 which can be completed electronically or by hand.  Guidance notes for each form are available on the same NRW webpage.  You will also need to complete the Credit and debit card payment form CC1 for any online applications or to pay by card which is also available on the same webpage.

A grid reference for the discharge site will also be required for the application which can be obtained using the Grid Reference Finder website.

All completed applications must be sent to:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Permit Receipt Centre,
Natural Resources Wales,
29 Newport Road,
Cambria House,
CF24 0TP

Contract dipping
If you use a sheep dip contractor and they remove used sheep dip for disposal off-site, you must check:-

  • where they’ll dispose of the dip
  • that your contractor has an environmental permit to dispose of used dip
  • that your contractor is a registered waste carrier
  • before you use a contractor, agree on who will be responsible for the safe disposal of used dip

It is YOUR responsibility to check that the contractor has a valid licence and permit.