The Farmers' Union of Wales today advised farmers to seek information about the Countryside Council for Wales' latest review of maps of open access to mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land in Wales during next week's Royal Welsh Show.

"Every ten years CCW is required by law to review these maps and the process began on Monday July 16 when they issued the draft maps of open country and registered common land in Wales," said FUW land use and parliamentary committee Gavin Williams.

"Landowners and anyone with an interest in these draft maps will be able to make representations to CCW who have informed us their staff will be in attendance on the their stand at Llanelwedd to answer farmers' questions and give advice.

"Discussions with landowners and all interested groups will be an essential part of the mapping review and CCW has announced they will be working closely with the farming unions, individual landowners and a wide range of walking and other user groups to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to have their say."

Representations can be submitted to CCW until the closing date on November 23 this year.

CCW will then issue All Wales provisional maps on August 7 2013 and the deadline for appeals applications to the Planning Inspectorate is November 7 2013.

The appeals process ends on May 9 2014 and CCW will issue the All Wales conclusive map on September 24 2014.

Meanwhile, general enquiries on the review can be obtained by calling 0845 1306229