Welsh farming leaders join forces on climate change goals

Farming leaders in Wales have united to speak with one clear voice on the industry’s ambition to deliver climate goals alongside the production of climate-friendly food.

Representatives from NFU Cymru, Farmers’ Union of Wales, Hybu Cig Cymru, AHDB and Wales YFC met for a meeting in which all five organisations agreed to work together to ensure Welsh food and farming can make a positive contribution to combatting climate change while safeguarding global food security.

The statement reads: 

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world.  Through climate-friendly food production, the trees, hedges, grassland and soils that store carbon on Welsh farms together with on-farm energy generation, agriculture in Wales plays a key role in tackling climate change and is uniquely placed to be the solution. 

We recognise all of us have a part to play and we are stronger when working together.  At this pivotal time, Welsh farming leaders have united to demonstrate our shared commitment to maximising the contribution of agriculture to a net zero economy in Wales.  

Welsh farming is already leading the way on climate action.  We recognise that society and the agriculture industry in Wales want to go further and faster and we are agreed on the need to speak with one voice to support the delivery of our common climate goals alongside climate-friendly food production.

Welsh farming is a world leader in sustainable food production. We will work together to ensure our sector will combat climate change whilst continuing to play a positive contribution to global food security.  

With land use so central to meeting the net zero goals of wider society, our partnership offers a sensible and practical voice on the contribution that farming can make to net zero ambitions.  Action on climate change should be progressed in a way that is sustainable and fair, that is globally responsible and that safeguards our rural communities, culture and language.

The Welsh farming leaders’ meeting was one of a series of events being hosted during the Countryside COP 2021 programme, a series of events and activities showcasing the contribution of rural communities ahead of the two-week UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.