Guidance published for Water Resources ‘NVZ’ Regulations

While the FUW continues to negotiate the best way forward to tackle the recently introduced Water Resources (Control of Agricultural Pollution) (Wales) regulations, the first stage of changes were introduced on 1st April 2021 after an attempt to block the regulations failed by just a few votes.

Welsh Government has published guidance for farmers and landowners to comply with every one of these regulations including the vast amounts of calculations that will be required from 1st January 2023 as things currently stand.

Farming Connect has also published the first two of a series of videos to explain the regulations that were introduced on 1st April:

  1. The Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations
  2. Spreading of Fertiliser: Requirements from 1 April 2021

The FUW wishes to remind members that they can receive 10% off consultancy fees with Kebek - Rural Environmental Services, who can be contacted via Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.

The FUW will maintain to keep members informed of any developments in regard to changes or further guidance of these regulations.