News in Brief

Agricultural Policy

i) UK Ministers Appoint New AHDB Chair
Mr Nicholas Saphir has been appointed as the new AHDB Chair for a three-year term from 1 April 2020. Mr Saphir has vast experience in both large scale horticulture and organic dairy cooperatives across the World and replaces Sir Peter Kendall who finishes his second term in office this month.

ii) First Milk Launches New First4Milk Pledge
First Milk have launched their new First4Milk pledge this month, building on the First4Milk Responsible Sourcing programme which was launched in 2019. The key elements of the pledge include providing a minimum amount of time to graze, enhancing soil health and promoting a positive image of dairy production.

iii) UK Lamb Exports To Germany And Middle East Boom
HMRC 2019 UK export statistics show that sheepmeat exports increased by 12.6% in value compared with 2018. Germany and the Middle East are the biggest contributors with sales increasing to over 19,000 tonnes and nearly 2,000 tonnes respectively. It is thought that the combination of these markets were worth a total of approximately £22.5 million to the Welsh economy.

iv) Largest New Zealand Beef Market Distorted But Expected To Recover
As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, North Island New Zealand bull and steer prices have fallen by around 20% since November 2019 to $4.80 per kilogram carcase weight. New Zealand will now be seeking alternative markets for prime cuts to Countries such as Japan.