British Heritage Sheep – New Tastes from old Traditions

Agricultural Policy Trawiadau: 551

The National Sheep Association (NSA) recently launched its report on the British Heritage Sheep Project.  The scheme, which has widespread backing, including from the Farmers’ Union of Wales, aims to improve meat sales of our 60 or so British native sheep breeds by creating an umbrella organisation to promote and support producers and retailers.

It is primarily aimed at informing consumers about each piece of meat’s ABC - A being for age (lamb, hogget or mutton); B being for the native breed; and C being the Countryside where the animal was reared.

Research by YouGov found that two groups of consumers were particularly interested in knowing more about the ABC of each animal.  These were young people, who eat very little sheep meat, and those who eat meat but currently not sheep meat.  Taste trials carried out by the NSA have identified that meat from older sheep have definitive taste and texture differences between native breeds.

The British Heritage Sheep Company will be formed in the New Year.  More information is available here.