22/02/2013 13:58

'Buy the Welsh One' and support local butchers

Following the recent mis-labelling of horsemeat revelations the Farmers' Union of Wales is beefing up its "Buy The Welsh One" campaign which urges shoppers to support their local butchers and food producers.


Next week the campaign will feature prominently during FUW-organised events at the heart of the UK and EU governments in Westminster and Brussels.


Welsh food and drink will be on the menu on Wednesday (February 27) at a Ceredigion Day event in the Commons, hosted by Ceredigion MP Mark Williams, and MEPs will attend a Welsh farmhouse breakfast, sponsored by Wales MEP Jill Evans, at the EU Parliament building the following day (February 28).


FUW president Emyr Jones said: "Since the campaign was launched at the 2007 Royal Welsh Show the union has consistently stressed that when consumers buy beef or lamb labelled as Welsh and accompanied by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) logo they can be confident it will be genuine.


"With a growing number of farm-produced quality products available at farmers' markets, corner shops, on the internet and some supermarkets throughout Wales, the FUW's advice is to look for the Welsh Beef and Welsh Lamb logos.


"The FUW was set up over 50 years ago to represent the interests of Welsh farming families and the fight for fair returns for farm produce still remains one of its core concerns.


"So from next Monday (February 25) the FUW will also be backing Fairtrade Fortnight which calls on the British public to look after the food we love and the people who grow it.


"Companies and governments must ensure small farmers can achieve sustainable livelihoods and play a full role in building fairer, better food systems for the future.


"To show your support for the 'Buy The Welsh One' campaign pop into any of the FUW's 11 county offices throughout Wales and pick up a free 'I Love Welsh Food' reusable shopping bag, while stocks last."


Mark Williams said: "We have such a fantastic farming and meat industry in Ceredigion and in Wales, and consumers can have confidence when buying local meat from local butchers.


"I think a clear and reliable food labelling system would be a good step in restoring confidence for consumers and this should be a priority in the wake of the horsemeat scandal."


Welcoming the "Buy the Welsh one" campaign revamp, Jill Evans said: "The latest scandal has shown that we need nothing less than a food revolution. This means re-connecting consumers and producers as well as more awareness of exactly how and where our food is produced.


"We can achieve this by buying local produce. That will mean reducing the distance food is transported, enabling better control and better standards.


"Consumers are overwhelmingly demanding better labelling so they can buy local. This is a golden opportunity to promote policies that benefit farmers, local companies, consumers and the environment."