Policy Department

Welsh farm landscape

Welcome to the Farmers' Union of Wales' policy department website.

The FUW's policy department is based at our Headquarters in Gogerddan and is responsible for guiding and collating members' views, through the union's eleven County Branches and eleven policy committees.

Department staff constantly monitor the latest developments in the agricultural world in order to advise and lobby departments and bodies whose decisions affect Welsh agriculture.

Just some of the issues dealt with by the department include:

  • General Rural Policy
  • Rural Development Plan (RDP) (including Axis 2 Agri - Environment, Tir Mynydd, Glastir and Woodland Grant Schemes)
  • Common Agricultural Policy
  • Bovine tuberculosis
  • European Legislation
  • Endemic Diseases
  • Animal Welfare and Animal By Products
  • Exotic Diseases and Contingency Planning
  • The Animal Health and Welfare Strategy
  • Animal Transport and Identification
  • Forestry policy
  • Common Land
  • Water Directive (including Nitrogen Vulnerable Zones)
  • Single Payment Scheme
  • Integrated Administrative Control System
  • Farm Tenancy
  • Agricultural Research and Development
  • Plant Health
  • Wildlife and Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Protection
  • Farming Connect
  • Farm Liaison Service
  • Cost and Responsibility Sharing
  • Hunting and pest control
  • Planning
  • Food And Market Development
  • Dressing specifications
  • Farm tourism
  • Farm Diversification
  • Export Subsidies and Import Tariffs
  • Cross Compliance
  • LFA and Tir Mynydd
  • Education
  • Health and Safety
  • Waste Management
  • World Trade Organisation
  • Vehicles and Licensing

The department also works closely with the union's Press Department in developing campaigns that highlight the essential role that agriculture plays in protecting Wales' environment and sustaining rural communities and culture.

For further information on the union's policies, visit our Policy Documents section.