About the FUW

Welsh Landscape

The Farmers' Union of Wales has one basic aim - to protect and advance the interests of those who derive an income from Welsh agriculture.


The FUW is an independent Union which values the freedom to run its own affairs. It can advance the views of farmers in Wales without fear or favour, unfettered by sectional interests.


Established in 1955, the FUW has been given the official right by the Government to represent and speak on behalf of Welsh farmers. The Union has done so at the highest level - at the National Assembly, Whitehall and Brussels

  • The FUW has a network of County and local offices throughout Wales.
  • Specialist FUW officers providing expert local advice.
  • The freedom to formulate independent policies, but always willing to co-operate with others for the common good of Welsh agriculture.
  • The FUW has permanent and regular Committees covering all the issues of the importance to Welsh farmers.
  • Independent access to decision makers in the National Assembly, Westminster and European Union.